Encrypted Calling

Talk with up to two other users at once. Our high quality, low latency calls are secure and encrypted for your ears only.

Tamper Proof Servers

Ensures protection and security with a proprietary design that eliminates server storage.

Unified User Interface

Latest encrypted software provides a streamlined, advanced user experience with all features in one place.

Ensure That Your Privacy Is Protected

Ensure That Your Privacy Is Protected

Encrypt Your Mobile provides secure mobile devices with advanced encryption technology to protect your sensitive data, ensuring your privacy is never compromised.

Unparalleled Security Features

Encrypt Your Mobile takes private messaging to the next level with better-than-enterprise-grade encryption, brute-force protection, and secure devices running on a protected global network.

Unparalleled Security Features

ChatMail Security as a Foundation

ChatMail® on Renati on Renati

ChatMail on Renati, our security-focused mobile operating system brings the benefits of proprietary security enhancements. Renati utilizes a fully scalable microservices architecture for instantaneous and secure bi-directional communications, eliminating Google Firebase. Renati protects your device from the moment you turn it on, with a custom Linux Kernel and tamper-proof Android Verified Boot, leaving nothing to chance.

ChatMail® on Renati on UEM

ChatMail runs on Android for Work (AFW) on our self-hosted instance of BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) for off-the-shelf devices compatible with our software. Our extensive partnership is powered by their comprehensive end-to-end security features, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of enterprise systems, suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Experience the Benefits of Secure and Private Messaging with ChatMail

Encrypted Backup & Restore

ChatMail allows you to back up your data and restore it at any time using your private, personal password. With a simple one-step process, you can easily restore your contacts or notebook.

Transparent KeyStore Access

ChatMail offers unparalleled control over keys. The key cache has been designed so that every 24 hours, public keys are fetched to ensure you never have an old public key.

Parsing Algorithm (PGP)

ChatMail's proprietary parsing algorithm strips out all the unnecessary bits of a PGP encrypted email, such as subject lines and email signatures, and converts them to appear like a chat message.

No Server Storage

ChatMail's email servers act as a relay for your communications, and do not store sent or received messages. You no longer need to trust that the server is deleting information.

Group Conversations

ChatMail's custom technology allows for both group chat and anonymous group chat. You can select whether members are allowed to send voice messages, images, and/or share contacts.

Web-Based Administration Portal

Distributors have full access and license to configure and deploy ChatMail encrypted devices using our advanced web-based administration portal.

Secure Email Portal

CahtMail is your ultimate solution for email security and privacy. We understand the importance of data protection and security, especially when it comes to safeguarding your personal information online. With our secure private email service, you can rest assured that your emails are encrypted and your data is protected from prying eyes.
ChatMail offers the best way to secure your Android phone, ensuring that your emails remain private and confidential. Our encrypted email platform provides end-to-end protection for all your communications, whether you’re communicating with colleagues, friends, or family.
By using ChatMail, you can protect your personal information online and prevent unauthorized access to your emails. Say goodbye to concerns about data breaches or hacking attempts—our advanced encryption technology ensures that your emails are secure at all times.
Experience peace of mind with ChatMail and take control of your email security today. Join thousands of satisfied users who trust us to keep their communications safe and secured.

Advisory Areas

ChatMail can be helpful for legal professionals by providing a secure and efficient platform for communication with clients and colleagues. Its end-to-end encryption and searchable message archive features make it easy to manage and review important conversations.
Finance & Banking
ChatMail ensures the security and confidentiality of sensitive customer information for financial and lending institutions, protecting their corporate reputation and promoting customer trust.
ChatMail protects the oil and gas industry from costly cyber attacks that disrupt operations, steal field data, and cause environmental damage.
Security & Defence
ChatMail safeguards national security and defence agencies from cyber threats, social engineering attacks, and mobile phone interceptions that can compromise classified and unclassified sensitive information.

Invest in ChatMail’s Privacy Solution

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ChatMail offers advanced end-to-end encryption and private server hosting with your choice of Operating System – Renati or Blackberry UEM. Every subscription comes on a locked-down Android device, an International SIM card with data, and hands-on technical support if required.