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Keep Your Data Secure and Private with ChatMail

Enjoy complete peace of mind with our impenetrable protection against unauthorized access and interference. Whether you use UEM or Renati, our cutting-edge encryption technology keeps your data hidden from prying eyes.

Discover ChatMail’s unparalleled security features and stay connected with utmost confidence. Your privacy is our unwavering commitment, and we ensure your data remains secure every step of the way.

ChatMail: Unleashing Enhanced Security with Renati OS and Blackberry® UEM

Renati OS for Unrivaled Privacy & Security

Renati, our exclusive operating system for Pixel devices, caters to privacy-conscious users who prioritize data protection. With Renati, we've fortified ChatMail's security by eliminating potential vulnerabilities like Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, fused location, and more. By removing Google's backend service and thwarting screen recording, ADB access, and USB signaling exploits, we render forensic tools ineffective. With bi-directional tunnelling protocols, in-memory data structures, and Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, rest assured your data is impeccably safeguarded. Trust ChatMail with Renati for unparalleled privacy and peace of mind. Learn what sets Renati apart by visiting

ChatMail Fortified with Blackberry® UEM

Experience enhanced security on a wide range of Android devices through our enduring partnership as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) of Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). We've elevated UEM by operating it from our private data center, ensuring your data stays off the cloud and establishing complete control between our clients and Blackberry. With added granular control, we restrict data transmission and wield total authority over the ChatMail ecosystem. By combining their trusted technology with our unwavering commitment to privacy and security, we deliver uncompromising protection for your communication needs.

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