The Ultimate Security-Focused Operating System

Renati is a revolutionary mobile operating system designed to prioritize your privacy and security.  Its custom operating system, fortified Android device, and secure protocols protect your digital information from hacking, phishing, and malware. With all third-party apps removed and Google/data tracking services permanently eliminated, Renati puts your digital identity back in your hands. Experience the future of mobile security with Renati and regain control over your personal information.

Download the full Technical Specs here

Empowering Privacy-First Technology

In a world where mobile operating systems thrive on data collection, Renati takes a stand for your privacy. Our custom operating system and device architecture are meticulously crafted to ensure absolute control over your data.

Disabled Hardware: GPS, Biometrics, Bluetooth, USB data, NFC
Removed Software: Web browsing, 3rd party apps, Google services, Advertising services

Renati puts the power back in your hands, offering a zero-tolerance policy for data control across every aspect of our operating system and device. Experience true privacy with Renati, where technology works for you, not against you.

Unparalleled Location Privacy

Renati goes above and beyond to ensure that location services are completely disabled at every level of the operating system, setting a new standard for privacy protection.

System Location UI
Completely disabled, leaving no trace or access points in the interface. Fused Location: Code removal prevents any potential access to cached location data.

Hardware Abstraction Layer
GPS drivers removed, rendering communication with the module impossible. GPS Module: Complete code elimination, including location and route analytics.

Emergency Location Services
All related code eradicated, closing off exploit avenues for tracking and malware injection.

Bluetooth Tracking 
Renati’s advanced technology even prevents wireless beacons from tracking your indoor location, leaving no trace behind.

Experience the unmatched level of location privacy offered by Renati, where your whereabouts remain truly confidential.